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Do Not Use · 19th January 2010
Dayna Davis

We remember you dear Rowan...3 years since you left us and still strong in our hearts..... your Cortes family

She danced her dreams
and collected light
like a firefly might
store the sun
for darkest night
She cast her circle
and she slept
A place is kept
for gifts she gave
and tears she wept
So lift the veil
with fingertips
the songs she sang
are on my lips

I am thinking of you
Comment by Denise Chartier on 20th January 2011
It's been 4 years. I know you are in a wonderful place, at peace. It had been so long since I had visited with you, you were the only one who didn't judge me. You were and are amazing. Thinking of you....
with love for Rowan
Comment by debra fontaine on 6th February 2010
This is such a beautiful piece of writing truly speaks of Rowan. I think of her often in both aspects of her self. I see her laughing and dancing so joyfully and just radiating. I see her holding herself and crying inconsolably. We all have both sides. some of us feel it more intensely than others. Don't forget when you are in the dark don't be there alone . Call someone who loves you.
Comment by Moreka on 23rd January 2010
Comment by Coreen on 20th January 2010
Lovely words with which to remember a lovely being. I think of you, Rowan, as I cruise Taka Mika. Miss and never forget you.
the beauty way
Comment by Andrea Block on 20th January 2010
thank you, Dayna.
Rowan's songs are on my lips, in my heart, suffuse my spirit too. I thank her always for inspiration as we strengthen the web that gently weaves us all together.