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Art Class and Muse Gallery with Dianne Bersea.  Watercolour artists have more fun!
Do Not Use · 11th January 2010
Dianne Bersea
Express yourself! Pick up a brush and paint with watercolour, the most flexible, challenging and happy painting medium. Watercolour is actually quite easy to learn. The hard part is mastering the expectation of creating a National Gallery masterpiece the first time out. Think process. Think let it happen. The process is what it's all about. Let go and create with the magic of watercolour. Take a large juicy brush and make a bold stroke. Make another one. Watch the colours merge and run on the paper. You'll be surprised what magic unfolds!

I am now offering various watercolour classes for anyone who is open to seeing what paper, paint and brushes can do. This Sunday, January 17 (note change from previously advertised date) join me for a light, bright introduction to watercolour in two short hours. No experience necessary, no previous art experience required. Everything supplied. Introductory class for beginners, 2 hours, 10 am to noon. There will also be more classes in February.

Intermediate watercolour classes are now full but additional classes will be available in February. I'll also be offering life drawing and classical drawing techniques too. If you are open to the power of observation and the meditative practive of drawing,..., I call it 'bringing our attention to'..., you might find drawing classes an excellent way to engage your creative heart and mind. How often to we allow ourselves to sit in quiet contemplation. Drawing provides that opportunity. It's challenging but the rewards are remarkable!

Here are some happy artists from Saturday's intermediate watercolour class. We explored the miracle of 'gray', which is not as you might suppose -- the mixing of black and white. 'Gray' is, can be all the colours of the rainbow. 'Gray' is all the colours we see everyday and identify simply as 'green', 'brown' and 'beige'. Ask one of the participants about 'gray'. They had fun with all the permutations of color that exists between the obvious colours that we think we see.

Join us for a new vision. Pick up a juicy brush with juicy colour and paint! Call Dianne or Jodi at 250-935-6719 or email as below.

Watercolour Class at Muse Gallery with Dianne Bersea.  Watercolour artists have more fun..., really!
Watercolour Class at Muse Gallery with Dianne Bersea. Watercolour artists have more fun..., really!