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our landlord's son and our entrance
General News · 24th December 2009
Richard & Carol
Well we got to the island ok. Our luggage was helped by all these eager people wanting to make a bit of money. That is good as managing 3 suitcases plus a few bags and computer is difficult. So it all went smoothly. The ferry was a hydrofoil or some such and on the island side we put our baggage in a bicycle thingy and he walked us to our place. Just three blocks from the pier. It is a new place. So new it is barely finished. The second floor has two suites and we and another family were installed somewhat chaotically by 3 PM. Very modern and clean. The usual king sized bed. I am getting to like them.

We went for a walk while things were getting sorted. A gate at the lower entrance needed to go in, plus the internet was not up and running. I went for a swim and we walked around in a sort of circle seeing the beaches and back through the town. All very handy. The island is five miles long and like Savary Island we can see the sea from two directions from our street. It is a very quaint place. Even reminded me of a Isle of Wight small sea town.

We found that there are loads of restaurants of all kinds and we popped across the street to Olivias. Which turned out to be a lovely place with deep inner courtyard all candlelit and leafy. Richard had Moussaka and I had Spanakopita plus Tapas. The place seemed more European. We had scoped out a couple of other restaurants that offered some veggies. Alternatives so we won't suffer. All places are much the same as in Canada price wise.

Our landlord and landlady are from New York and own another place and mother lives here full time. Hettie. And Reginald {son} comes only once a year from New York and he was helping this new place get set up. The ground level is still being worked on. They are chatty and friendly.

We plan to negotiate a 7 day rate on two bikes so we can get around. Loads of scooters and golf carts and I find it amazing in such a small place to see these being used so much. I guess all the city tourists don't walk. But at least the golf carts are electric and quiet. Bikes seem perfect for the size of the place and flatness. One block to the West beach, two blocks to the East and three to the popular North beach. At the other end of the island is a park that is part marine and part land. Also there is a long Malecon on the windy East side to explore.
living room
living room
view from deck
view from deck
we're in the top corner
we're in the top corner
mujeres memories
Comment by audrey on 9th January 2010
i was on isla with a friend 12 years ago and when we arrived it was right after a substantial rainfall and the streets were badly flooded. your pictures reminded me of that time and the american tourist snorkeling in the street while the locals laughed.........:)