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General News · 23rd December 2009
Richard & Carol
It’s been three weeks minus 2 days. Playa is a happening multi-national holiday town for people who like to shop, drink, eat, and be beach-bums. we’ve seen and heard holidayers from Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, the Nordic countries, and Great Britain. From the opening picture you can see it’s Christmas week -Peak Time we’re told, The pictures in the Gallery entitled Xmas Week show the beach crowds we have not seen the past two weeks.

Things we like about Playa:
Remember we’re quiet controling Canadians...

The beach, sand, and water temperature.

The cooling sea breeeze.

The prohibiting of Vendors on the beach

5th Avenue for strolling (if you can shut out the Vendor’s calls)

Walking and biking everywhere.

The visible lack of (free range, and starving) dogs.

Playa is not an inexpensive Mexican holiday. Prices are just below Canadian overall. But if you want a one or two week safe holiday and want that Caribbean feel with its beach and water sports, want international dining, then this is the place.