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General News · 20th December 2009
Noba Anderson
Official Community Plan (OCP) Update
Overall, I am very pleased with how the OCP review is unfolding. Early December saw three public OCP-related presentations on housing solutions, climate action and lessons-learned from Whistler. More information is available all the time at In January we will see a report on our fresh water resources, Cortes sustainability indicators and lessons from past OCP processes. All of this has been prep work for the formal review starting early February 2010.

The formal Request for Proposals (RFP) has just been issued by the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) for the 2010 OCP consulting work. The consultant will help guide the community through the review process and draft the revised plan. This consultant could be from Cortes or beyond, and collaborative bids are also very welcome from Cortes and off-island partnerships. Interested in working with an on/off-island team? Contact Julia Rendall from the Cortes OCP review committee for more info, 250-935-6681, She will be sharing contact information with interested off-island consultants. Bids are due January 19th. Look for the RFP at or contact Russ Hotsenpiller in the SRD planning department at 250-830-6703.

I would also like to extend a huge gratitude to the Cortes OCP team as we near the end of phase one of the review; the outreach, education and data collection phase. To my alternate director Kristen. To the core OCP steering committee: Francis, Bruce, Julia, Paul, Bruce, Doug, Oliver, David, Fran, Joe, and Zoë. To the Climate guys: Mark, Shane, Bill & Norberto. To the OCP education gals: Lee & Lorraine. To the senior’s coordinators: Brenda, Sandra and Sarah O. To Sarah D. for joining us in training. To Sabina for taking on water analysis and to Krista for an omens’ service on the housing front. Yeah team!

Cortes Emergency Program
One of the mandatory services provided by the Strathcona Regional District is our emergency preparedness and response program. We are looking for a volunteer Cortes Emergency Services Social Director – someone with people skills and a bit of spare time. In order to receive Provincial disaster relief funds in an emergency, we need trained people who can run a formal Cortes reception centre in the case of an earthquake, forest fire, tsunami etc. All travel, expenses and training are covered for this position whose main responsibility would be to gather a team of trained individuals to run a Reception Centre in the case of an emergency. If you are interested in this role or want to be part of the team, please contact myself or Bertha Jeffery 935-8526.

Holiday Love
I was reminded recently of our late elder Kay Boas’ words as she stood on stage at the launch of the Cortes Health Centre’s nude calendar and said to us gathered there (I am paraphrasing), “The most important thing I have learned in my 90+ years is just to love each other. That’s all that matters. Love.” In this time of winter celebration, may we hold close that elder wisdom.

My next article will focus on the upcoming approval required to support our community halls through SRD funds. It looks as though Mansons’ Hall as we know it depends on securing this core funding, and I believe that supporting the heart of our community infrastructure and programming requires our attention and support.

In gratitude,
Noba Anderson