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General News · 28th November 2009
Dwayne Rourke
The supposedly scientific findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are often cited to support statements about global warming. However, this week's dramatic public release of thousands of emails written by members of this panel and its support network, clearly cast doubt on the truthfulness of any of their findings.

The emails have been widely authenticated and in their entirety, reveal monumental fraud at the heart of the IPCC and the network of policy implementers they feed.

Coverage of the fraud has been thin in mainstream media but not on the Internet where it has been a viral phenomenon now commonly referred to as Climategate in reference to the chain of events that brought about the impeachment of US President Richard Nixon.

For your convenience, I share the following text and video links to some of what I have found to be most objective about this issue:

George Monbiot: Pretending the climate email leak isn't a crisis won't make it go away

James Delingpole: Climategate: the scandal spreads, the plot thickens, the shame deepens…

Video : Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails

Video: Glenn Beck on "ClimateGate" Man-Made Global Warming Climate Scam-Actual Proven Conspiracy 11-23-09

Video: James Corbett - A message to the environmental movement
Forgot to give Mother Nature the memo...
Comment by Barry Saxifrage on 28th November 2009
Thousands of scientists, data sets, research results and direct observations all wrong because a few scientists acted badly? IPCC is wrong and climate change not happening?

Wow, that would truly be "dancing in the street" great news for humanity and the rest of life on this planet.

Sadly somebody forgot to give the memo to Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is shedding glacier ice at the rate of 10 tonnes per year for every 1 tonne of CO2 we litter. That's 200 tonnes per Canadian per year at our current eco-toxic fossil-trash dumping rates. Imagine ice weighing more than 100 cars per person per year. If only someone had given her the hint that it isn't happening.

Mother Nature is losing mature forests in BC and Canada faster than they are growing because of climate warming. BC has already seen enough mature pine trees die to make 160 telephone poles per BC citizen. More every day. Whole forest landscapes dead. Why, oh why, did she act on all that bogus "Climategate" data instead of her own physical laws?

Mother Nature has shed all the multi-year sea ice that our arctic ecosystem relies on in just a few years. It's just all gone. Melted away. Scientists who go there come back stunned at the rate of change. Can someone please email Mother Nature the Climategate memo? Please!

Mother Nature has found her oceans 30% more acidic than just a couple decades ago from the billions of tonnes of fossil CO2 we have made her swallow. The level of acidity measured in places off the BC coast is so high it causes pain in fish in lab experiments. Baby oysters and crabs can't grow up. For all our sakes, somebody get Mother Nature a Twitter feed on Climategate, quick. She is hurting for no reason apparently.

Mother Nature is raising her seas, flooding and salting the wells and rice paddies of many of the poorest people on earth. They are pissed off and hungry and displaced. Naomi Klein writes of growing "climate rage" directed at do-nothing climate trashing folks like us in Canada. Even the Queen is upset we aren't doing more to help her subjects who are getting climate hammered. The good news is that we are no longer the 8th largest climate villain on earth because "Climategate" shows it isn't happening. Big Oil hackers have repealed the laws of physics and we are free to dump megatonnes of trash into the atmosewer without shame.

Mother Nature is seeing her beautiful coral necklaces surrounding the shallow warm seas crumble and die worldwide. The pace the largest living structure on earth, the Great Barrier Reef, is dying from warming and acidification is shocking the people who monitor it. Those "Climategate" scientists will have to answer for the trick they pulled on the our oceans.

Mother Nature is burning many times more of her verdant cloak in wildfires year after year. Somebody gently tell her it is all a mistake...that she has been duped by some folks in a building in the UK.

I'm going to miss her splendour and teeming wild lands. So senseless to collapse and decay without any reason.

Fill it up and party on, folks. Take pictures to show your kids.