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General News · 21st November 2009
Richard and Carol
Amusing beginning to our ‘whole day’ of Ruins. We took the 8 AM air conditioned LARGE bus dedicated to the “Ruta Puuc”, The hilly route, wherein you would visit 4 small sites and end up in the large Uxmal for two hours, then return at 4 PM.

Our driver was a ‘indigenous" looking young man who when taking us out found we were blocked by a VERY LONG line of school children, probably we thought, on an exercise walk. However, the line of them went on for blocks, so our enterprising driver headed back, past the depot to try a different route. (The streets here are alternating one-way, so it was not a simple once around a block.)

So, soon again we were on our way. One hour later we approached a small town called Muna. There was a traffic cop there suggesting we leave the main road and go down 2 blocks to the side roads for a while. You could see our driver did not like this idea. He got out and appeared to have a convincing argument with the policeman, came back and drove several more blocks down the main road until we encountered a second traffic cop. This one was not to be convinced. So, into the narrow streets we ventured.

Eventually we were directed back to the main street, but could not complete the turn. Out our driver went, checking the side and front of the bus. -No way, were were unable to turn! There we stayed at 45 degrees while our driver talked to the traffic cop who luckily had a walkie-talkie. Soon two motorcycle cops arrived and our driver hopped on the back with one of them and went exploring. When he returned, it looked like a plan was at hand. He backed the bus two blocks, turned deeper into the village and eventually found corners big enough to accommodate our large turns but not before disrupting a large parade of children, bands, and hundreds of people, all with our 2 motorcycle police escort service!.

Because of the first and second delays, we had to shorten the visits to the first 4 sites. Labná, the first was better than the second, Xlapak, and the fourth one, Kabah was better than the third, Sayil. We sweated as we rushed through the first 4 sites, photographing everything that moved and didn’t move. They were all very well maintained with ticket booth, paths, washrooms and gift-shops

Then we entered Uxmal (Oosh-mal), a very large site with an hour and a half walkthrough time allotted. The link below leads to a point and click slide show of 26 pictures.

Walking through Uxmal, Kabah, and Labná was a great experience where you really felt you were in an ancient city, somewhat akin, I imagine, to being in ancient Rome. The size and scale of some of the structures was awe-inspiring. Here is a good link that maps these sites and gives many explanations and photos that will enhance your understanding of the ones we’ve walked through. Remember, we have only seen 5 on that map, so far, (Dzibilchaltún, not being on the map).

Please click on the link below, then on a thumbnail, then on the word, “next” to see 26 pictures. The titles reflect the names of the sites visited.