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General News · 5th November 2009
Richard and Carol
Later this morning we walked to the Museum of Anthropology and History. $4 each got us in. Great Mayan sculptures, skulls, pottery, and information within, most of it from Chichén Itzá and Uxmal 'oosh-mahl'.

Chichén Itzá 'chee-chain eat-tsa' is a large site with an observatory, ball playing stadium, and of course the pyramid. What I didn’t know is that the pyramid capped a huge underground reservoir of water and pressured it up top for use. We look forward to the real visit later, -it’s about 90 miles away. (I’m thinking of renting a small motorcycle to carry Carol and I for trips to the sites like this.)

Carol and I wandered about separately. When we re-united, she said she was a bit spooked and noticed the absence of any female depictions or energy. (Yes I did find it very powerful and rather intimidating. The culture had a very close relationship to the natural world which seems usual. The Jaguar is a very powerful symbol and we are looking forward to being on the sites. But not on a motor scooter. Bus more likely.)

Larger pictures are in the Gallery on the main page of this Section.

In the afternoon we went looking for “brown rice” near the Center, “Plaza Grande” and had to run for shelter while a DELUGE of rain fell for about 20 minutes. After being trickily accosted by vendors trying to sell Panama Hats for 45 to 80 dollars, we found the Natural Foods store and came home, through flooded streets, with our beloved “arroz integral”.

(I don’t think I have been in such amazing rain and all nice and warm at the same time. Our feet were soaked through as it was impossible to avoid the huge puddles that accumulated in the gutters. Big waves of water washed over the sidewalks and got on people if they were not alert. )
from the west coast to the east coast
Comment by mary ruzich on 9th November 2009
Hello from our side of Mexico! Sadly we won't see you this year. Your eastern adventures look great. Do you plan to go to Cuba by chance? I think Cancun is a major jump off point. Just arrived in Mazatlan after a month on the road...really took the scenic route this year. Take care...I'll be following you...will miss you at the bird count! mary
Hi to R. & C.
Comment by A. St. Keverne at the Barefoot on 6th November 2009
Wish we were there too ...altho' years ago when I was pregnant with Tom 1969/'70, I too wondered at and wandered the ancient sites in the Yucatan.Eat your brown rice and be well. Saludos, Anna