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Buy, Sell & Trade: W10 Telemetry issues (1984)
As of today MS is resetting all your W10 telemetry, privacy and program defaults to SPY on every key stroke, every website, every websearch all banking data etc. Even though you pay for the OS and the programs, MS is taking it over in W10.

Want to go back to W7? Ning Computers does that. For about $100 Ning installs w7 (legal) telemetry SPYware/Malware blocking as well as all driver updates, performance tweaks and ease of access settings.

Ning recycles and reowners older XP 7 and other machines. Current machines available, HP G62 W7, a Dell XP set up for Navigation and GPS. A Blackberry, a Raspberry Pi, an LCD projector, some hardware (ask) and free software below.

Glary Utility, Malware/Spyware/ADblocking, Video downloader, DVD copy SW, Driver updater, Telemetry blocking. Why pay for the bandwidth required to watch ads or spy on your machine? The microphone and camera are enabled remotely even if you turn them off on your phone or PC.

Learn about MS updates and whats occurring on every W10 PC and phone worldwide today in the weblink below.

Email Ning Computers to remedy 1984.