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Buy, Sell & Trade: Driver Booster + Add-Ons
Tired of online ads or paying for bandwidth online ads require to spam our machines, slowing our web and video experience? A simple free solution for most web browsers. Adblock or similar can be found in Firefox under add ons. Chrome, Opera, CometBird etc have variations of this add on. Adblocking prevents advertisements on websites as well as youtube videos!!!

If you install adblock add on to your web browser you must disable it on Tideline in order to see the Classified section lower left corner.

Sick of twitter, Facebook and other junk? Use Ghostery, another free add on to disable content you don't want nor asked for on your machine. Why pay for this unwanted junk mail to Twincomm or Xplornet for bandwidth usage? Just say No to online advertising/tracking on gmail youtube on almost every site today.

Every Ray (Ning) computer comes with adblock, ghostery, video downloader Driverbooster, Glary and other features to make your experience better.

Today's tip, driver update, free in link below. Install, decline password offer, run to update drivers free and easy. Enjoy the surf