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Do Not Use · 21st October 2009
Good Bye and Good Luck, Trudy Pickard!
Trudy, who has been a long time Cortes resident, will retire and leave the Island at the end of October. Her special qualities of warmth, sincerity, and hard work have earned her the respect of everyone who has known her personally and professionally. All of us at Squirrel Cove General Store will miss her very much, but send her off to her next adventure with our very best wishes. Good Luck, Trudy!
Best of Luck
Comment by Brigid on 31st October 2009
Trudy, its always been great to have a chat with you in the store, you always have a friendly, kind word. It definitely won't be the same!
our many thanks
Comment by Diana on 25th October 2009
Our heartfelt thanks for all the smiles, encouragement and help over the are the best...
toodle oo
Comment by Wendy Legare on 24th October 2009

You're a true trooper, Trudy,
A jewel to know.
The store won't be the same without you.
Best of luck in the River!

-Wendy L.

Good luck Trudy
Comment by Leila Campbell, Whaletown on 24th October 2009
We are so going to miss you. Good luck from Allan and Leila
know you forever
Comment by James Delorme on 23rd October 2009
Sadness falls as time passes as the winds of change circle and bellow.
It will be a change that will touch us all, not to see you here anymore.
So go and start anew, my friend, go out and seek whats yours.
The memories will keep you warm at night, and your dreams will weather all storms.
..take care Trudy...see you in town
Love James

Comment by Bertha Jeffery on 23rd October 2009
Good luck in your new adventure. I hope you enjoy the new stage of your life and have many happy times with your family.
It's been a pleasure to know you and be your neighbour and friend and hopefully we'll see you over here for many Island events.
Gonna' miss you...
Comment by scott mercs on 23rd October 2009
I'll miss you on our island. I don't think you ever passed a frown or a bad word all the times I saw you in that store. You made my vists to the Cove so much more enjoyable just by being there. Good luck.
Trudy Pickard Thankyou
Comment by Mary Clare Preston on 22nd October 2009
As a customer and a co-worker Trudy, I always enjoyed your company, easy going manner and genuine kindness. Even though I haven't seen you much lately, I'll miss you. All the best