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General News · 20th October 2009
When I wrote about my close-up sighting of a wolf, please don't think I was unaware of the downside of the wolf scene on Cortes. There seem to be an awful lot of them on the Island, in an awfully short time. With no natural predators and plenty of prey, they multiply fast. Like the cougar, the wolf can be a menace to livestock pets and children. They can can become dangerous to people if they lose their fear of us.

There is nothing romantic about being stalked by a wolf, or about a dog being attacked. Bleeding hearts who might even be so STUPID as to put out food for them, not only put themselves (and children) in danger, but the wolves as well. Just like bears, if you feed them, or encourage them in any way, you might as well write their death sentence.

Seeing a wolf up close was something I will always remember. However, let's not forget that they are wild animals.