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Jobs & For Hire: Are you expecting a baby?
Birth Doula's:
-Encourage you to trust in your body, because your body was made to give birth to your baby and you intuitively know the best way to do so
-Establish a prenatal relationship with you where we create your birth plan and discuss your vision of the birth of your baby and how I can best support you
-Provide information, such as local resources you may need and what you might expect when labor starts
-Go over self relaxation methods so it will come naturally to you during labor
-Help you cope with the intense sensations of labor using physical comfort measures, ex. acupressure, massage
-Discuss how best to avoid unnecessary interventions used in hospital births and coach you on questions to ask for informed decision making
-Use my intuition to adjust my techniques as your needs change during the phases of labor
-A free meet and greet, two prenatal meetings, my services during the duration of your labor and a postnatal meeting
-Sliding scale prices

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