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General News · 10th October 2009
Scott Lawrance
Join us for a six week introduction to the ancient practice of Mind-Training. Mind-Training extends the practice of the Four Immeasurables, balancing practices of Presence and working skilfully with everyday life. It involves tong-len or sending-and-taking(popularized by Pema Chodron) as its central meditation practice. The course begins with a weekend of meditation and Qi Gong (led by Denise Maile) on Nov 7-8 (10-4), continue with four Wednesday evening sessions (7-9)and continue in the Spring.
The practice of Lo-Jong is what one might call a complete spiritual practice. It addresses both our relationship with Spirit (or Ultimate Bodhicitta) and everyday life (relative bodicitta.) From one perspective, it can be considered a very advanced practice and was sometimes transmitted in relative secrecy. Thus, prior meditation experience will be useful. On the other hand, the practices involved in Mind Training are very systematic and have direct application to the challenges of everyday life, in the workplace, in one's family and relationships, and in one's community. Thus, the work is eminently practical and widely accessible. Like all such work, it does demand commitment, but with a lineage history dating to at least as early as 1,000 A.D. it has provided many with a clear, systematic, and time-proven path.
"For the teachers of Mind Training, dharma could not be allowed to calcify into mere rote learning or chanting, a system of set responses and practices, but should lead individuals to the employment of intelligence and compassion in every aspect of their lives." - Ken McLeod, in his introducio to "The Great Path of Awakening", the seminal text on Mind Training from the great Jamgon Kongtrul.

All sessions at Dorje Ling on Oke Rd. Call Scott Lawrance (after Oct 25) at 0228 for details and registration.