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Buy, Sell & Trade: Sea the World
using a Laptop configured with the World Navigation charts and Canadian West Coast Canadian issued raster charts on Sea Clear Navigation system that GPS tracks your every tach onscreen, plots and many more features as you wish. (see link below) For $225 you get a laptop computer configured expressly for Sea Clear Navigation w/world and BC coast charts installed set up ready to go. Simply add a $25ish GPS receiver/puck/mouse or two and away yee goes. This is the same set of charts used in expensive GPS Marine Navigation systems that cost 10X as much, installed on a laptop computer. The laptop runs on 110V or battery and I advise a small inverter to convert 12V boat power to 110 computer power or buy the 12V car/boat power adapter.

The Nav system is also available w/o the laptop. For $95 you get the world charts and the BC coast charts. Anyone can download the Sea Clear or other Marine Nav software and use these raster charts. For $135 I will install on your machine the system and the charts not available online. You supply/purch the GPS device ebay amazon online (ask)