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General News · 27th September 2009
ruth ozeki
...and day, and night, and day, and night and day...and the winds howled and lashed the trees, and the rains pounded down, and the hail pummelled the island, and in the midst of this tempest, this dark night of the soul, 19 Cortes Island novelists sat up for three consecutive days, huddled over their keyboards or clutching their pens, and wrote over 1000 pages of deathless prose. Astonishingly, most of them finished their novels. All of them made significant headway on long-held, long-overdue literary dreams. And all lived to tell the harrowing tale of their encounter with their minds and their imaginations. 

Some statistics from the novels, compiled so far:

Pages written: over 1000

Words written: over 250,000

Approximate hours of sleep per night: 5.8

Number of major (fictional) storms: 5

Number of (fictional) deaths: 3 people, 1 fish, 1 sacrificial Thai rabbit.  (1 more person died, but the author couldn’t handle the fallout, so she revived her...)

Number of (fictional) births: no human babies born, but 1 person was reborn, 1 person who was presumed dead returned, and  5 seriously bad people almost drowned. In the non-human realm: 1 cockroach was born, along with numerous fish.

Number of (fictional) sex scenes: One, as well as 1 drunken proposition, one traumatic flashback, and considerable kissing and pining.

The Cortes 3-Day Novelists could not have done this alone, and we would like to thank the Cortes community for all the enthusiasm and support. In particular, we'd like to thank Coreen Boucher, Krista Ma, and Carina Verhoeve for kneading the kinks in our muscles and our imaginations, and to Denise Gibbons, Elinore Harwood, Shannon Jonassen, and Terri Storey for nourishing our plots. Thanks, too, to Staples, for the donation of manuscript paper, and to our saintly postmistresses Helene Racine and Jaime LaGrandeur, for their infinite patience. And finally, huge thanks to our families, for seeing us through. 

We'd like to invite the Cortes community to a public reading on Sunday, October 4, from 3:00 - 5:00, at the Gorge Hall. So please come and share the fun and hear some harrowing tales from the dark and stormy nights of the 3-Day.  
Comment by Chris on 3rd October 2009
I will be sending huge hugs to the whole event on Sunday! Watch out!
Comment by Amber on 28th September 2009
What a fantastic idea! Great work everyone!!