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General News · 25th September 2009
Nicola Newton
I had the amazing good fortune to hear the call of wolves while fishing on Hague Lake early on Friday morning. They were really close and the sound was haunting and very beautiful. On a whim I decided to reel in my line and paddle through the gap into Gunflint, where the sound seemed to come from.
As I entered the channel, there, on the bridge, stood a large black wolf. We stared at each other in shock for maybe 10 seconds before he ran into the trees.
It was a magical experience, in this truly magical place.
15 wolves or more on Hollyhock Beach
Comment by Miranda on 28th September 2009
On Sept 25th or so at 6am there were 15-20 wolves sighted on the beach near HH.

A beautiful sight but a little scary that these animals are being sighted more and more on the south end.
Howling with wolves
Comment by Bev on 28th September 2009
Last night while driving home we encountered four wolves on our long driveway - three were jet black and one dappled gray and black - our dogs howled crazily as we passed the wolves.

I stopped the car just as the wolves moved into the trees, then backed up to the road junction where the wolves were standing. They looked puzzled and curious, as I am sure they probably had never viewed a barking Subaru station wagon in their lives. As my dogs were still yelping uncontrollably, I continued on my drive home rather than suffer temporary deafness, and unbelievably as I glanced out my rear view mirror I saw two of the wolves chasing after our car down the first 100 feet of our driveway!

I have often heard a large pack echoing howls back and forth across Frabjous Bay and sometimes on very still winter nights I can hear the clickety clack of their toenails as they cross the beach shingle, but this is my first close encounter with these brazen canines in a decade.

Let's hope their feral nature protects them from law 303, as I know the packs are getting too close for comfort for some families on Cortes Island... the wolves to me are symbolic of a land that still retains some elements of primordial mystery...