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General News · 17th September 2009
The Vaccine Resistance Movement in Canada held a Nationwide Informational Demonstration and Political Protest, Friday August 28th, 29th and 30th, 2009. We want to ensure that our right as free human beings, to decide for ourselves whether or not to be vaccinated will not be violated, under ANY circumstances, and without fear of any consequences. Everyone who shares our concerns about H1N1,vaccine dangers, as well as the threat to natural health solutions under Bill C-6, needs to get involved, inform others, and to help protest the mass vaccination agenda (which may become mandatory).

On June 11th, the World Health Organization declared a Pandemic Level 6, and as such, can recommend that vaccinations be given to all citizens, of all signatory nations of the International Health Regulations (IHR), overriding constitutional rights and freedoms. As such, we want to begin now to give the W.H.O., BIG PHARMA, the federal and the provincial governments, and their health departments, a loud and clear message:


Please DO NOT WAIT for others to do it for you. YOU and YOUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, as well as YOUR HEALTH are under imminent threat. National sovereignty is also at risk under the I.H.R.. Regardless of what the laws or the Charter presently state, or what politicians may presently be saying, a declaration of "Emergency" in regard to the alleged H1N1 Pandemic could change everything overnight, and we have to face this possibility NOW.

Based upon the constant pronouncements by the W.H.O., various levels of government and their agencies, the media and their so-called "experts" on H1N1 and the vaccine pushers, we must accept an emergency declaration (essentially "martial law") with forced vaccinations as a real possibility, and realize what such a declaration (whether Federal, Provincial or Municipal) might entail. Bill C-6 (now before the senate) may provide the government another avenue to try and enforce vaccinations. We must consider any such attempt or even the contemplation on forced vaccinations as an assault on our persons and on our rights and freedoms.

What special powers does the federal government have in a national state of emergency?
The federal government may, at its discretion:

* regulate or prohibit travel when it is deemed necessary for health and safety reasons
* remove people and their possessions from their homes
* use or dispose of non-government property at its discretion
* authorize and pay persons to provide essential services that are deemed necessary
* ration and control essential goods, services and resources
* authorize emergency payments
* establish emergency shelters and hospitals
* assess and repair damaged infrastructure
* convict or indict those who contradict any of the above.


In general, a province or territory can declare a state of emergency if conditions exist which threaten the sovereignty of that region and the safety of its people. The declarations can last for varying periods of time and can be extended to suit the situation.

In most cases, the premier and cabinet have the power to declare a state of emergency and to enact the measures necessary to eliminate the threat.


There are also provisions for municipalities to declare emergencies (see the above link for info).

This is no time to be a spectator, to hide in fear, and there is no sense in waiting until the worst possible scenario happens. WE NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED in your own town and your own neighborhoods, NOT JUST IN MAJOR CITIES. We need to have a presence everywhere and make ourselves and our concerns visible and heard. We also need people to get involved and inform people at your place of work or campus.

This will only be the kick off of grassroots efforts that must and will continue on through the Fall months.

Please let us know what you or your group are planning to do and where, as well as the dates and times, and we will be happy to post it, so that others can join and help you. We need TEAM WORK and WE NEED IT FAST, before Summer ends, and before the kids go back to school and they begin receiving vaccinations, before the flu season really kicks in, and before the economic turmoil comes much worse, as appears will be the case, at which point people we'll be very vulnerable and many may be unfairly coerced to get vaccinations. A contact link is also in the activist section.

BE A GOOD CITIZEN, FRIEND and NEIGHBOR, and take responsible, legal, peaceful, civil action to stop the threat of forced vaccinations with untested and unproven, toxic chemicals, with dangerous side-effects.


This is about the most basic of all human rights: control over our own bodies and health decisions.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement

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