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General News · 2nd September 2009
Claire Trevena
Provincial budget offers no help to the North Island - Claire Trevena

Victoria - People and communities in the North Island received nothing, no good news at all, in the provincial budget tabled Tuesday, said North Island MLA, Claire Trevena.

“Faced with an economic crisis, a devastated forest industry and increasing poverty, all this government can offer the people of BC are increases in MSP premiums, the new, regressive, HST, and brutal cuts in all areas,” said Trevena.

“And having gone through the election assuring people that the deficit would be no more than $495 million, now the BC Liberals admit it will be six times that amount, at $2.8 billion this year alone.

“We will all pay for this deception through inevitable cuts in education, cuts in health care and other services a government should provide the public. And those cuts come on top of further downloading – there is no extra cash allocated to boards of education or other institutions to pay the annual MSP increase,” Trevena said.

Other areas which have been hit include compliance and enforcement in the Ministry of Forests and the Ministry of Environment. Money going into water stewardship is down 75 percent, and the Premier’s own vaunted climate action secretariat has been cut by 50%. But subsidies to the oil and gas industry are increased.

“The Minister of Finance may say the HST will be an economic fillip. But it will do nothing to get people back to work in a healthy forest industry, it will devastate the tourism industry in the North Island and it will leave many individuals and families worse off, ” said Trevena.

Claire Trevena, MLA
North Island
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Campbell's Circus
Comment by norberto on 2nd September 2009
I was not that surprised from the new budget tabled by Campbell and I am truly upset from all his lies, from ignoring the small communities, from being a “green pretender” and much more.

I wonder how much of the huge deficit announced yesterday is a consequence of the over-cost of the 2010 Circus (Olympics).

Have you noticed that we haven’t heard any of these numbers for a while, and I am positive Campbell is hiding more "inconvenient truths" from us.

It keeps upsetting me all this Circus thing. I call it Circus because the similarities with the Roman Empire Circus that was used to entertain the masses in difficult times. At least in the Roman Circus the gladiators will face death. During Vancouver Circus the "modern gladiators" only have to use silly customs, fight for their 15 minutes of fame and win the right for having their photos in cereal boxes, t-shirts and McDonalds plastic cups.

We must not forget that the majority of BC citizens did not have a vote for bringing the Circus to Vancouver, only the Vancouver people were allowed to vote.

However, we all will be paying for that silly party for years to come. Emperor Gordo will be playing his fiddle in the inauguration of his Circus, while many of us will be struggling with the recession problems, part of them as a consequence of this Circus, and all the new cuts he just announced.

This is just not right!

If you still have any doubt that Campbell is behaving more and more as an Emperor, don’t forget what he has announced that he will instruct the BCUC in following his directions towards the IPP projects, such as run-of-river developments on Toba and Inlets, which we well know will have severe ecological impacts.

He is not listening to anyone, keeps lying to us, and doing whatever he damn pleases.

This is just not right!