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General News · 2nd August 2009
ruth ozeki
"Can you produce a masterwork of fiction in three short days? The 3-Day Novel Contest is your chance to find out. For more than 30 years, hundreds of writers have stepped up to the challenge every Labour Day weekend, fuelled by nothing but adrenaline and the desire for spontaneous literary nirvana. It’s a thrill, a grind, a 72-hour kick in the pants and an awesome creative experience. How many crazed plotlines, coffee-stained pages, pangs of doubt and moments of genius will next year’s contest bring forth? And what will you think up under pressure?"

The Whaletown Institute is sponsoring the Cortes chapter of the 3-Day Novel Contest. Novelist Ruth Ozeki will be offering 4 free workshops in August, as a lead up to the marathon itself. In the workshops, we’ll talk about strategies and outlining, characters and dialogue, settings and scenes, brainstorming and block-busting, and all the stuff that novelists consider when they undertake the always thrilling and always insane challenge of writing fiction.

If you don't want to commit to writing a novel in 3 days, you can still join the party and participate in the workshops by signing up for the Solidarity Team. All you need to do is to commit to some equally impossible writing project of your own devising, and to promise to write as long and as hard, and to shed as much blood, sweat and tears, as the 3-Day Novelists.

And if you're not a writer, but would like to get involved by offering support to the island scriveners, you can sign up for the cheerleading squad and make soup or cookies or or give a despairing author a much needed shoulder rub. This service will entitle to you participating in any and all of the events we’re offering and will earn you some really good literary karma.

For more information about the 3-Day Novel Contest, you can check out the website:

And for information about how you can join the Cortes chapter and participate in the local events, please email Monica:

The first workshop meeting will be on Monday, August 3, at 7:30 pm, at the Whaletown Institute (506 Whaletown Road)