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General News · 20th July 2009
Cortes Housing Initiative
It's in your mailbox! Pick it up outside the Post Office if you are on general delivery or download one here or at

This is a survey conducted by the Cortes Housing Initiative (CHI) in preparation for our Community Plan review process. Adequate and affordable housing is fundamental to our wellbeing and essential if we are to thrive. Lack of affordable housing affects everyone in this community. The purpose of this survey is to assess our current situation, identify future needs and explore possible ways to meet those needs. The results of this survey will form the baseline from which Cortes can address the housing issue. Your contribution is most valuable and necessary.

Already some questions have arisen. This is to be expected and we will share these questions and clarifications with you periodically. You can also read them online at, under Cortes Island Housing Survey.

Answer only questions that you feel comfortable with. It is optional for you to answer any of the questions. One of the main reason we ask is to see what assistance and additional resources may be needed.

Questions 32a-h on housing models appears bias towards higher density. I value my privacy, but do not have a place to express this.

This part of the survey proposes housing solutions not widely applied on the island at this time. Other more common occupancy situations were not included. Share with us any innovative ideas you may have.

Question 32 h on allowing additional dwellings on larger lots. This example seem confusing to me.

This is an example of a Rural One (RU-1) zoning. (Please refer to the by-law as official reference). The current number of allowable buildings in a 20-acre lot are two dwellings and a cabin or secondary suite. This proposal allows one additional dwelling without legal subdivision.