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General News · 19th July 2009
Mary Clare Preston
I want to share a poem with you all. It comes up in conversation from time to time and is a continual reminder to me of what is important.

Mary Clare

by Bernie Martin from a play called "Myrmadon"

Join a circus or a choir
sing your heart out
fall in love
all over again
with someone
in the next row
dried fruit
mixed nuts and talk
of time
the loss of it
the saving of it
the tyranny and all of that
of it, as though you knew it
how it seemed so often
when looking at the lake
or making love
or saying goodbye
or in the night
to fold back upon itself
in those moments
repeat itself
move in circles
come round again
all possible realities
something in the throat
out of control
parallel expansions
every imagined moment
now about to be lost
expands and over takes
in an instant sweeps over
to the other side
ten thousand fold and more
now fathomless volume
expelling all notions of time as form
what is about to be lost
the illusion of self as separate
all thoughts
of past and future love
leaving only present
only now
always thus
always thus

Bernie is survived by his wife Mary Lofthaus