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General News · 24th May 2009
A new report card that rates the health of B.C.'s hospitals has ranked the Campbell River and District General Hospital among the worst-performing hospitals in the province.

The Fraser Institute yesterday released its 2009 Hospital Report Card, which ranked 95 acute-care hospitals in the province based on the experiences of 2.5 million patients admitted between 2001 and 2007.

Hospital performance was calculated based on nine mortality indicators, such as death from stroke or pneumonia, and 39 indicators of quality and patient safety, such as rates of foreign objects left inside patients.

Only 26 of the 95 hospitals provided information used to determine the hospital mortality index, which measures the patient death rate per hospital. Campbell River's hospital ranked third to last, meaning it has one of the highest death rates in the province.

The hospital is slated to be replaced in the next three to five years. Vancouver Island Health Authority has approved two new hospitals in Campbell River and the Comox Valley at a cost of between $500 million and $600 million.

The report says patients are at a higher risk of dying from a hip replacement or hip fracture, congestive heart failure, acute stroke and gastrointestinal disorders at the Campbell River hospital, which performed worse than the provincial average in all those categories. Patients also have a higher chance of a having a risky caesarean delivery at the hospital, the report says.

Campbell River landed near the bottom of the ranks for failing to rescue patients who developed complications while in hospital.

"Highest Death Rates in Province"...
Comment by scott Mercs on 5th June 2009
Most of us have spent time in the CR Hospital. My experience is the same there as in the two or three other hospitals I've spent significant amounts of time in; well-meaning staff, somewhat uninspiring design, over-worked doctors and nurses, a sense that we are the somehow not the architects of our loved-ones medical experience and fate.

Just wait until people from our generation get sick. We are going to redefine health-care because what exists now will not be good enough. Our generation has experienced the high point of health care because with our humongous wealth we were able to hire others to look after our loved ones. In the coming years, for six or seven reasons, these obligations will fall on ourselves.

The fundamental fact of our lives is that we die, and those of us born in the post-war years will face the reality our grandparents and our ancestors all faced when we begin to assume the role of care-givers and provide hospice for the people we care about.
Don't judge anyone, especially health-care workers. We have witnessed the high point of medical care, and in the next ten or twenty years you and I will be forced by necessity to nurse our own parents and loved-ones.
a word in support of CR hospital staff
Comment by marg sullivan on 28th May 2009
Give the CR hospital staff a decent building to work in and watch the report rating soar! The old building has curtains which blow in the draft from the windows, not enough bathrooms so lots of patients are sharing, so overcrowded that sometimes stretchers arent available, and then often not a room to put them in. The use of broom closets, complete with janitor sinks isnt condusive to patient health; nor is sitting in a wheel chair for 6 hours because there simply wasnt anywhere else to put a patient ! Keep the politics out of the Fraser report as well and see the CR hospital report card improve dramatically.
Government we Deserve ?
Comment by Robert Carter on 25th May 2009
I think that verdict is a little harsh. Our system is to blame, not us. Only half of registered voters voted because the system is stacked in favour of the same tired old 2 parties. I voted Green but knew in advance that it was going to be a wasted vote. I've "wasted" my vote now for over 30 years and don't know why I do it anymore. SVT was made to sound complicated and a lot of money was spent trying to convince us that it was bad. Obviously Liberals and NDP'ers would be against SVT because it takes away from their seats....and if 60% is required for it to pass it's unlikely that we will get it. I do take offence to those who say that if you don't vote you have no right to complain. This is a free country and everybody has a right to complain. We also have the right not to vote if one believes it is a futile waste of time (which it is unless you vote for the 2 main parties.)
not exactly
Comment by norberto on 25th May 2009
Unfortunately this is not totally true Shane.

Check the news at the VIHA website:

You will notice the 2 new hospitals are still in proposal status from VIHA. Both RDs are still considering VIHA recommendation, finding problems and objections. If we are lucky, we may have a new hospital in another 3 to 5 years !

Don't forget we should thank the Liberal government for all this, since they decided cutting budgets for hospitals, schools, seniors and children protection, park operations and more, and pass it all for Campbell’s Circus 2010 !

... and yet, we, the citizens of BC, elected the same government all over again.

We should not complain about this, we have the government we deserve !

we are getting two new hospitals
Comment by shane on 24th May 2009
Good points about the Fraser Institute.

I thought the new hospital thing had been decided already. Two new hospitals, one in CR and one in Courtney.
Cynics Abound !
Comment by Robert Carter on 24th May 2009
I expect the same criteria were used when comparing hospitals. And remember that it's Cortesians who live in the middle of nowhere and shouldn't expect as prompt or high quality healthcare as ...say Vancouver.
The choice is simple. Keep two less-than-perfect hospitals operating in C.R. & Courtenay or build one state of the art facility to service both areas.
I Suspect...
Comment by Richard Trueman on 24th May 2009
The Fraser Institute?

If my memory serves me right, this was an ultra right wing group that was in bed with the old Social Credit government.

I suspect this is a medial scare tactic to influence public opinion into accepting the NEW hospital to be built in the middle of nowhere.