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General News · 10th May 2009
how about our own cortes challenge.lets see if we can lower our hydro use by the meter,and see if we can lower our gas consumption at the pumps according to litres purchased ,i think the stores on island might provide info, they don't make a big profit on fuel anyhow.find a way to add a voluntary gas tax on island at the pumps and use the money to support a small bus ,or to help more people join the car co-op ,or and also lets see if we can lower our local car use on the ferries,pushing for a change towards foot passenger runs instead.vehicle traffic going maybe only twice aday. maybe some of the gas tax money used to help the local stores run there vans,and some towards cortes transport and cortes connection,maybe a couple cars also owned by the car co-op staying on the camplell river side,while in use over there for people who need to use a car.I know I'm not being realistic ,and this really would be very incovenient,!!!! but how about we try joining together on what we all really do agree about and most of us allready try to do ,but alone ,and at times at least for me it all becomes so overwhelming and difficult to maintain i often give up and jump in my car and rush off to work to buy the car to go to work in.
Comment by Robert Carter on 11th May 2009
We've been through this before and for most islanders car pools don't work out because we're so spread out and have different schedules. And there isn't enough demand to warrant a bus which is very expensive to operate according to the rules. The bottom line is that to live on Cortes you almost certainly need a vehicle or must impose on others with vehicles. It would be nice if Cortesians would restrict their use of the ferry to once/month but many people need or want to leave the island twice/week. So far the determining factor is money and one's tolerance for waiting in line. I'm sure there could be a better way but with BC's highly regulated traffic laws I don't know what.
more gas tax info
Comment by sonyafriesen on 11th May 2009
fred mentioned he heard more about this idea as well,so i looked into it,check it out .they are based in Harrisonburg ,Virginia