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Do Not Use · 8th May 2009
sonya friesen
First let me say I fully support a carbon tax regardless of politics.! I think it is great you have got the province talking about global warming realities. While youre at it, how about a huge tax rebate for those not owning a car? (Lets ask the Premier?) (Interesting to note ,Obama is also choosing cap and trade,perhaps its all about how you regulate it??maybe like the banks? hmmm!)
On the other hand, it seems to me that how the B.C.Liberals regulate their spending of carbon tax dollars is also relative to the question. How green is the spending? While lowering our carbon emissions is the urgent action needed, supporting any and all non carbon emitting energy regardless of all other environmental impacts in order to slow global warming, seems upsidedown to me. Mainly because nuclear power could win that argument.

Your blog and Andrew 's definitely speak truths we have to deal with. Act Now is the one I can agree with. Most people that I would call "environmentalists "are aware of many of the facts you present. I would define myself as an environmentalist because I spend most of my time questioning the impact my daily actions have on the environment. While I try to maintain balance with solutions that do not come in black and white, I do not have to immerse myself in the science of global warming daily as i'm sure you do. Zero carbon emmision is the answer. How we get there is a valid and complex debate . This is not just a debate in BC. California is also having a debate around solar energy. Should solar systems be set up privately on homes, should they be systems powering communities ,or huge arrays supplying larger populations. Who should own them? All these are important questions.

My point is that B.C. is no different from anywhere. Power struggles over power, no matter what kind of energy, will continue. Greed will always drive that struggle.

If you would now like to encourage those of us who have lived off the grid, supported small run of creek micro-hydro systems, solar systems, wind, tidal , thermal buy into the lie that this Liberal goverment is supporting Run of River projects and GE.'s investment in Plutonic because they care about slowing global warming, I simply can't! An even bigger stretch is accepting that they, the Liberal Government of BC and corporate big business (with the help of First Nations of course), will ensure that the environment in and surrounding all 500 creeks and rivers staked by IPPs will be high on the priority list when the green light turns on. Even though I believe the Klahoose First Nation will try hard to have influence within Plutonic Power Corporation and government to push for high environmental standards in Toba Inlet, their rightful territorial home, I do not believe we or the First Nation's peoples of BC, no matter how well intentioned, have enough information, paid manpower, or experience with Run of River to just go ahead as enviromentalists and fully support all Run of River. And why should we? Is this the only alternative power that is viable?,

Questions I have are: Wouldnt energy conservation first be as effective? Isnt water the new oil? First Nations peoples are finally given some rights to protect ,or develop their own territory so if I ask for a moratorium on Run of River am I opposing First Nations only option for investing in their future ,am i really??? Not to mention the all time favourite human justification- jobs .

The truth as I see it is -because our government must by law engage in land claims negotiations, it is only involving First Nations because they have to, and because the First Nations are rightfully insisting that they do. Also private corporations know how to open that back door to all development in remaining wilderness areas -with a chequebook. Meanwhile environmental organizations simply try knocking!I support first nations having full title to their traditional lands,and in the past have allways felt i would never speak against any plans first nations had for their lands ,even if they were not evironmentaly sound, because we europeans stole that land and destroyed most it. I didn't believe peoples are any different than another but i would rather first nations get the profit than corperate giants.but the rest of the planets species ,and our children don't have time for this .Toba inlet power project might be a part of a green solution,but it most likely needs the bute project and many others to make it profitable,and so enters the big players G.E.The toba project would make more sense to me if it was set up to power a community close to it. What is really going on ?? What agreements did environmental organizations have to make with Gorden Campbells government and First Nations within and outside the Great Bear Rainforest to ensure some of the forests could be protected from logging? . Was it jobs equals Run of River in all inlets not in the pristine category ?

We (the so-called environmentalists ) do not have to represent jobs. We speak, I thought, for the other species on the planet that do not have jobs . We humans have the job agenda pretty well represented outside the environmental community. Can we inside please at least agree to speak for them ,lets call them what's left", the remaining species that dont have jobs. We do not have to speak for the Liberal government or the NDP. Lets try speaking for the environment itself.

First there is not a doubt in my mind that we should start with conservation! We can use solar hot water ,working with demand hot water systems, turn lots of lights off,get off utube, give up the hot tub , keep the freezer frozen full,for half the year no refridgeration is really necessary , cold storage works vented to the outside. Insulate,! Bus, train, walk , grow a garden, shop local. Then lets move quickly towards renewable energy, working with systems close to where the power is needed. Lets provide the most power for the time of year it is needed. Lets get our priorities straight. Find out who really needs the power, for what? Make sure it is well planned to benefit all the planets species. Lets make sure our power decisions are not based on jobs ,or fast money for the likes of G.E. ,or the B.C. election campaign greenspeak.

My points may seem naive to you ,don't get me wrong, I have spent much of my past envirospeak balancing the need for sustainable jobs ,ie. ecosystem based forestry with secondary industry, keeping the logs here in BC, closed pen salmon farming,alternative green energy,on and on we go .... but frankly I've tipped over ,tired of constant job justification to allow for stating the obvious. STOP!!! I understand your position. You hope to work with current economics and force the direction it takes

What happened to "small is beautiful", to challenging the political parties so called green plans . But I repeat -those of you - especially David Suzuki --have great influence when you speak. I am asking you to be staight up. The facts are ,we do here in BC consume too much of everything. There is no better direction than to cut that in half. Conservation will not provide tons of jobs. We are going to have to live a very different lifestyle. Let the politicians bribe the people with visions of gold by simply turning the switch to green. I would ask you to try turning it off.

sonya friesen ,squirrel cove, cortes island