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General News · 8th April 2009
The highly beneficial healing qualities of seawater and its many astonishing chemical properties
This information on the therapeutic properties of seawater is extracted from the Canadian (Quebec) website

This web site is quite complete as far as the therapeutic quality of seawater is concerned, because not only does it provide historical medical applications and therapeutical uses by a variety of medical disciplines, but also provide quite detailed protocols for using seawater.
"Water is not the source of life, it is life" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Seawater is a mysterious substance, a God-given all purpose healing elixir that needs no refining, heating, pasteurizing, processing, licensing or other artificial manipulation to make it effective. Seawater is a live substance that contains every naturally-occurring elements and seems to have the capacity to actually alleviate and cure a wide variety of afflictions.

All of its elements, as well as its pH, are naturally dosed in proportions close to those of the internal human environment and form a highly active biological synergy in a perfectly attuned matrix (ideal pH for human organism), that can only be termed 'alive'.
One hundred years ago, seawater was used traditionally by many medical doctors for a large variety of afflictions, often with remarkable success. It was thoroughly explored during the latter part of the 19 century and the early part of the 20th century by some great pioneers and visionaries, like René Quinton, biologist and Jean Jarricot, medical doctor and many others.

Réné Quinton (1866-1925) was a French Physiologist and Biologist whose innumerable studies and scientific research led to his discovery of the virtues of sea water. He elaborated a method for preparing it for oral administration and injection.

Quinton’s grand discovery was his observation that the composition of ocean water, from which issues life, is the same as that of our inner milieu, Diluted seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma, and its sodium content matches that of blood. It has been used successfully in animal tests as a blood transfusion substitute.

Ocean Plasma (seawater) is the quickest and most effective way to re-introduce into the human body a semblance of normality in terms of mineral and trace mineral balance. Ocean water is the best support and regenerator for all cell mechanisms. renewing, purifying and regenerating the internal fluid environment, as well as maintaining vital equilibrium.

Seawater is an extraordinarily rich and complex matrix. It is a foundational treatment for chronic degenerative disease. It is known as a complete and readily assimilated liquid mineral and trace mineral supplement for remineralisation, for detoxification, for energy and for relieving stress.

How important is the mineral and trace mineral balance in the body? Many researchers, including Dr Joel Wallach, author of the best-selling audiotape Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, claim that the absence of one single mineral needed by the body can give rise to as many as 10 different disease symptoms.

Of course, much of modern medicine still blames germs and genetics for most human disease, so the “mineral deficiency” theory is generally ignored. But Dr Wallach believes that a common heart condition, cardiomyopathy—a condition which has killed countless victims from professional athletes to heart specialists, or made them candidates for heart transplants—is caused by nothing more than a deficiency of the trace mineral selenium, which can be cured or prevented by a few cents’ worth of selenium supplements a day.

Enter seawater—the missing link in deficient elemental nutrition! It contains every mineral and trace mineral known, in organic form and in the proper ratios needed by human tissues—and it’s been there all along as a healing and life-giving agent, hidden in plain sight.

One of the chief features and qualities of seawater is the fact that it has no side effects, contra-indications or secondary reactions or incompatibilities. It is not only THE perfect way to fertilize plants, gardens, and agricultural land but also a fine way to balance the minerals and electrolytes of the human internal terrain.

Harvesting seawater
The obvious choice to collect ocean water is a clean unpolluted environment away from any human activities such as industry and farming and away from any habitations. I have collected clean seawater from the shore and beaches of Tasmania, Australia and Cortes island, the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

However Sea water is best extracted from a particular location offshore which is situated between 10 meters from the bottom and 30 meters from the surface. This location is called the zone of solar penetration, and is known for its exceptional purity. Seawater must be collected in the absence of any metallic contact in glass containers and kept refrigerated away from high temperature. Spiritual nutrition
The food we eat affects our consciousness, influence our emotion and mind as well as conditioning our physical body. So much has been written on the subject of food that it is difficult to know what the truth is and decide what is best to eat for ourselves
Our food supply is increasingly irradiated, contaminated, industrialized, chipped, pesticided, herbicided, microwaved, genetically modified and demineralized. Choosing reliable organic food from local producer is an important step towards regaining some control over our health, and well being.

Over the many thousand years of earth existence the minerals found in the soil for food production have being constantly washed out by rain, eroded from the top soil and carried away in rivers to finally end up in the ocean. As a result our food lack essential minerals and trace mineral vital for the nutrition of the human body. Most of us are deficient in minerals and this helps creates a permanent state of dis-ease, low vitality, depression and mental confusion.

Many researchers, including Dr Joel Wallach, claim that the absence of one single mineral needed by the body can give rise to as many as 10 different disease symptoms. Dr Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes, said, " you can trace every sickness, every diseases, and every ailment, ultimately, to a mineral deficiency". Gabriel Cousens, MD, in his book " Spiritual Nutrition" states: "Minerals are one of the deep secrets of spiritual nutrition. Minerals are frequencies of light, frequencies of information, and frequencies of creation for the material world in the universe in which we live. The earth is made of minerals. Our body is made of minerals. Minerals activate all the catalyst for enzymatic reaction in the body. They activate the vitamins. They activate all the organ structures, and in fact, are the basis of all organ and cellular structures of the body. Minerals are the builders of the system . They are the frequency rates in the system. Minerals carry the vibrations of all life. They are the holistic vibrations of creation.

As early as 1936, the US Senate declared, "99 percent of the American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually result in diseases. A highly mineralized body is a more disease-resistant and anti-aging body".

Unless we eat food crop fertilized with sea-solid, seawater or rock powder, we are most certainly deficient in minerals. (

Wild edible plants
Wild edible are growing in undisturbed natural areas that has never been farmed. growing in soil that has never been tilled and exposed to erosion. These plants are rich in minerals, vitamins and are not only superb natural food but also provide rejuvenation, healing and vitality for the nervous system and the electro-magnetic body. The most beneficial way to extract this bounty is to eat them raw or juice them shortly after they have been harvested.

In my search for a diet that will best support a higher consciousness, through experimentation I realized the importance of taking enough minerals to sustain not only all the function of the cellular body but also provide food for the etheric body. This bio-electric circuit uses minerals as bio- receptor and bio-transmitter of electrical cosmic energy.

Dr Murray in his book "Sea Energy Agriculture" states " Life is electrical....There can be no life without a transfer of electrical energy.....Each cell is a little battery that puts out a current. Without this electrical current, the cell cannot really work and eventually will die. "
To ensure a constant supply of minerals in my system, I drink daily a glass of undiluted pure seawater and I juice everyday 3/4 liter of wild edible mix with organic vegetables and fruits. I discovered that my craving for protein is actually a craving for minerals. Once I started to take a sufficient supply of minerals, I completely lost my desire for animal protein. Seawater contains 92+ minerals and trace minerals in the same ratio as in the human body and is the ultimate mineral supplement. If Seawater is not available, unrefined, wholesome Himalayan or Celtic salt can be used dilute in water.

Cortes Island Sea Energy Agriculture
The unique qualities of Ocean Water and the research of Dr Murray contained in his book "Sea Energy Agriculture"

One of the advantage of living on Cortes island is that it is easy to Remineralize our agricultural land and garden soils with seawater containing 90-plus minerals. these minerals hold the key to human health. Therefore, it make perfect sense to recapture them and restore them to our soils. using diluted seawater on soils and crops.

Experiment show the results were consistently the same: the plants flourished, matured more rapidly, were healthier, were more disease and drought resistant, and produced outstanding taste along with greater yields. In assays testing for nutrients, foods grown with seawater had significantly more minerals (ash content), vitamins (25 percent more vitamin C in tomatoes; 40 percent more vitamin A in carrots) and sugars.
During his 30 years of research, Dr Murray conclusively proved that the proportions of trace minerals and elements present in pure seawater are optimum for the growth and health of both land and sea life. Additionally, he found that once these minerals and trace elements are restored to the soil, reapplication is not necessary for five or more years, given normal rainfall and climatic conditions.

In its opinion, application of this extraordinary diluted seawater with its 90-plus elements — the sea’s full spectrum of minerals — to tired and depleted soils is the perfect solution. He believe that as stewards of the land, it is our responsibility to restore the mineral balance to soils and subsequently the foods we ingest. He hope to convince all stewards of the land to help sustain life on this planet by remineralizing their soils and spreading the wisdom of sea energy agriculture.

As a young doctor Murray developed an interest in life in the sea. He wondered why plant and animal life was free from disease in the sea and why land life, including humans, was not. He also found that life in a healthy sea environment did not have cell degeneration in the form of aging and that sea life reached twice the size and age of life on land. He soon discovered that it must be the minerals in the sea. All of the earth’s minerals are concentrated in sea water.

Analyses showed that all sea water contains the exact same minerals in the exact same proportions. 92 of them have been identified so far by science (there’s more) and sea water contains all of them in the proper balance His theory was that the minerals in the sea originally came from land and were washed into the sea through rainfall and snow. Underwater volcano eruptions are also responsible for minerals in the sea.

By using sea minerals as a fertilizer you’re using the natural balance of minerals in sea water and performing agriculture in perfect harmony with nature. The sea contains an infinite source of minerals and rainfall and snow eventually cause them to wash back out to the sea.

After fertilization with diluted sea water the crops showed tremendous growth, they could be harvested sooner, they were of exceptional quality and disease-free. Pesticides weren’t necessary as the job of insects is to clean up only the weaker crops – which is saying something about modern commercial NPK methods which only deplete soils of minerals and trace elements.