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General News · 4th February 2009
Dear Community
I am in Vancouver waiting for my brother to pass to a better place. He is in the end stage of cancer. They say it could be anytime so I sit vigil at his bed side and pray and project light. 2 things, would anyone with some spare time ask Ronnie if he needs any help at the Centre, he's down 2 because Lee is away as well, so if he needs help would you? Second, prayers please, I am so alone here and I miss my Cortes family so much. I need to feel you all, I need your strength to hold me at this really awful time. Thanks, love Dova
transition with ease
Comment by Gypsy Mama on 7th February 2009
Blessings Dova for your love and willingness to be by your brother's side during this transition.
You are surrounded with angels to ease this time of transition for both you and your brother.
Please accept my support as I send it woven within our blanket of love to wrap and comfort you always.
For Ron's support during your absence, this blanket is big enough to extend around him too, while in the physical I continue keeping my garbage minimal.
Love always,
Gypsy Mama
At This Moment
Comment by Eric & Deena on 7th February 2009
At this moment in Vancouver there is a crack of sun in a cloud infested sky. In a moment it will all change again.
To be alone with someone moving through this world and others at the end of their life is full of countless memories and visions. These moments can only be filled by the pain, joy and communion of a life lived. Please know that we hold you in our hearts and wish that there will be healing after this pain.
Eric & Deena
Sending good thoughts
Comment by Vicki on 6th February 2009
Dear Dova
My heart goes out to you at this difficult time. I can empathise because I am also sitting by a loved who is fading. My mother is in Acute Care for the Elderly at VGH so I know what you are going through. My vigil will be long so I am commuting and can at least recharge my 'batteries' on Cortes now and then. Go outside and find a park, garden or stand of trees to feed you strength! Take time for yourself my freind and know many here love you and are thinking of you at this difficult time.
In Spirit, we all are
Comment by France Laberge on 5th February 2009
Dear Dova, Just be in the moment with your dear brother. A serie of moments is all we have.
Don't worry about your Cortes life, it will be here when you return and so will your dearest brother. He will be here, in the wind , the leaves, the trees, the animals.. Much love,
a sister in sorrow, France
Light and love
Comment by Lovena on 5th February 2009
Dear Dova,
I hold you now in my thoughts and send you a bubble of white and golden light filled with love, filled with "home". You are such a part of the community here, may you feel the strength of that circle! Love Lovena.
Thinking of you!
Comment by Nancy & Ray on 4th February 2009
Hey Dova,
Just want you to know we are thinking of you and sending you positive energy as you provide your brother this important support! It is not easy, and we could feel your sadness in the words you wrote.
Thinking of you, Dova ...
Comment by Margaret Verschuur on 4th February 2009

Thinking of you, Dova
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Comment by lucretia on 4th February 2009
Dear Dova:
I am thinking of you and your brother. I pray this time together will somehow be a blessing to you both.
Onward and upward.