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General News · 14th December 2008
Grant Gordon
I'm trying to get a handle on the number of people affected by the destruction of CBC's television antenna in Cumberland last October. All of us who depend on rabbit ears for TV reception over here have been basically cut off from Canadian Content. Is there an equal effect among residents on Cortes, Powell River, Lund, Savory, Texada etc? After Christmas, we will be ramping up our assault on the powers that be to get this service reinstalled. It would be good if folks could talk it up and get a bit of a straw poll of your neighbourhoods.

Grant Gordon

The CBC problem
Comment by gragor on 4th January 2009
Thanks Tom and Norberto for taking the time to respond and for taking the time to write to the CRTC and the CBC.
Please take a min more of your valuable time and forward a copy of your correspondence with the CRTC and the CBC to a email account I set up to collect information about the issue - RestoreCBC,,,

We are in the process of gathering information about the extent of the outage and lobbying politicians at the Federal and Provincial level.

We/I have been in contact with others that are in other larger more established groups that have been fighting for CBC services nationally and they are suggesting that we use their expertise and our case and go national with it.

How many other areas have lost service?
What happens in an emergency now that our emergency broadcaster no longer provides service to outlying areas? etc
free t.v.
Comment by tom bold point quadra on 19th December 2008
hi there... I tried to stir up some interest on quadra, but aside from a few local neighbors I didn't get any feed back from the south end or outer island, probably because they can afford cable or sat. hook ups. I wrote the cbc and didn't recieve any info. untill i wrote the crtc they in turn petitioned cbc to finally write and tell me exactly what you said, that is they will not rebuild the transmission tower as it is becoming obsolete. Someone told me that they have a budget of over 1 billion $$$. Something is wrong with this picture. Perhaps we could start a petition and submit it to the minister responsible for communication or the local m.p.? the crtc told me they are only responsible for "content" not transmission. In any case I'll try to keep you up with my efforts. thanks tom.
we are on this together !
Comment by norberto rodriguez dela vega on 15th December 2008
There are a few people here in Cortes Island that have been affected by this !

I have written letters to CBC, they say they have NO PLANS to restore this service, since "... the cost to reinstate service and the small number of people who actually receive the over-the-air signal, CBC is making the difficult decision to no longer transmit from this location." They also said their plan is to stop all analog transmission in 2011, when " the country switches to high-definition over-the-air"

I found this totally unacceptable, and told them not everyone in Canada is willing to "go digital" for several reasons, like economic limitations; lack of local infrastructure facilities in small rural communities; trying to live simple; and so on.

I am now complaining to CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission). Maybe they will have power over CBC ?

If you want to do the same, go to their website: and use the online COMPLAINS pages.

Thanks, let's fight together !