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General News · 12th December 2008
Ester Strijbos
We are greatly saddened by the news that a great friend of many and well-known & respected shellfish farmer, Brian Stevenson has gone missing in the waters off Quadra Island. Brian was part of the Out Landish Shellfish Guild

A Celebration of Brianís Life
Anyone who knew Brian is invited to a celebration of his life - to take place at the Heriot Bay Inn (Quadra Island) on Saturday, December 20th. Itís a pot-luck dinner starting at 1700 hrs, with entertainment in the Pub afterwards. Given the depth of Brianís life experiences and soul, this event will be well attended and spirited.

For more information please visit or
Thanks, Brian
Comment by Rick Bockner on 19th December 2008
When I read about Brian going missing off Quadra, I was reminded of my encounters with him over the years I have lived here. Brig Weiler bought the first house that Brian and Susie built at the back of Sawmill Bay. It sat on a 30 foot rise over the muddy end of the bay. The deal was great, and the only catch was that we had to move it. There were no roads to it, so we hired Bob Thompson, a local hand logger and wise man, to lead us through the process. Brian, I think, had his doubts that we could do it, as the house was never made for moving, but he gave us the best advice he could and checked in on our progress as we reinforced the house, built a skid under it, and with the help of Bob's tug, pulled it down the slope, across the mud flats on poles, and eventually onto a barge. We lived in that house on our barge in the Gorge for 4 years. The whole process was my introduction to life on the coast, and the work involved in getting a place to call home.
Brian showed up from time to time at one of my local concerts and we often had a laugh about that project. His love of the sea was obvious, and he found a niche that he seemed very comfortable with and allowed him to have a good life here and enjoy his good luck.
I am very sorry to hear that he is gone. He opened a door for my family when we needed it, and I am grateful to him for that. Sail on, sail on, Brian.