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General News · 11th December 2008
Ester Strijbos
The web site project is almost finished. The site is up and running and most topics are covered and have been posted. The site is designed to provide better access to the services available to the seniors on Cortes. Through the site everyone will be able to learn about senior programs and workshops on the event calendar, locate reliable help, and access archives of researched and published articles, our health talks and the SHS Newsletter.

You can find the following on the site:
• Home Page– The introduction to the Cortes Island Seniors Society
• Seniors Helping Seniors – The explanation about the SHS program, how you can help, what to do if you need help, and our co-ordinators contact information.
• Newsletters – The last 36 months worth of newsletters . They are in .pdf format and are there for you to download. (still in the works)
• Volunteers – Our pledge to get more people involved.
• History – A little write up about seniors that made a difference to Cortes in the past. Please let us know if you have someone to add. The museum is involved in getting the stories and photos for this section.
• New Seniors – A welcome to those that recently moved here or are thinking about it.
• Photo Gallery – At the moment we have 3 categories; Seniors Village, Activities and History. We are posting all the photos we have been given, in one of the categories for you to enjoy.
• Calendar – Our calendar shows CISS Activities, Workshops, Health Talks and SHS Activities.
• Recipes – Old timers have the best recipes, and we asked them to send us some…. We also have popular recipes from our seniors lunches and we have gathered some delicious ones from the Seniors Cookbooks; From the Kitchens of Cortes” 1982,”Cortes Culinary Classics Cookbook 1989 and “From the Shores of Cortez Island ~ A Fantastic Collection of Seafood Recipes”. The last one is for sale in the summer months at the Cortes Craft Store. A great present that supports the CISS. (still in the works)
• Health – All the local info you need; names, phone numbers, opening hours etc. This page also has other health related website links on it, for information and research. Please let us know if you use or know of some that are not posted, and we will add them. (still in the works)
• Members – What would we do without our members? You can find most of them here. (some members preferred not to have their names posted) Not a member yet? Sign up now! (still in the works)
• Grandparents – Many of our members are grandparents and we asked our schools to do a project that involved grandparents. Linnaea School has finished the project and created something excellent: they wrote about favorite times with grandparents, asked for advise, made illustrations, made a photo board, read books about grandparents and did interviews. They wrote thank you letters at the end of the project and created beautiful grandparent books. Everybody involved was very enthusiastic about the program and I am very thankful to Donna Bracewell and the Linnaea teachers that were involved.
• Seniors involved – Thanks to all that supplied us with text, ideas, photos, recipes and feedback. A special thank you to Lorna Brown, the leading volunteer in this project.

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A small note: On November 11th I was presented with a beautiful scarf that Beth Napper weaved. It means a lot to me and I want to thank all the CISS members for the nice comments on the card and the present. I couldn’t quite come up with the words (or my name) at that moment, but I wanted to thank all CISS members and especially thanks to those that participate in the Seniors Helping Seniors Program. You all have brought so many excellent & different things to the group, and it has helped so many people over the last 3 years. I hope you will all continue to give a little bit next year. Because all these different little bits, amount to so much.

Sincerely, Ester Strijbos