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General News · 8th December 2008
Three bits of news this week:

1 the tires are going bye bye, the pile will be no more, so if you were thinking of building something or making something with tires, come get them soon. Last chance.

2 Please did you think we wouldn't notice that paint can with the old dreck inside or the oil / antifreeze containers slipped in with the plastic recycling. Come on people those things go straight into the landfill when we find them. Can't recycle them here anymore so please help us keep that stuff out of the ground where they will sit for thousands of years. Generation after generation of children will suffer from your disregard for their right to live in a clean environment.

3 Every one should know by now that we no longer take electronics here but still you try, how many times have we heard but but it still is what you do. If it still works put an ad in the flyer offering it free to a good home or take it to Campbell River and donate it to the SallyAnn.

the midden keeper
A big step backwards
Comment by John on 10th December 2008
I doubt that I'm the only one who is boggled and dismayed by the sudden collapse of our taxpayer-funded ONE-STOP recycling service on Cortes, and hate being scolded for not being able to make sense of such a scatterbrained new system. The RD has just manufactured a whole new problem. I suspect some people are just going to throw everything in the bag, or dig a hole and start their own middens, rather than try to individually transport DANGEROUS CARGO (illegally?) to several different places in a town two ferries away. Got dirty oil? The Regional District in it's wisdom gives us a ... website address in the flyer! for pete's sake, not even a simple street address. They are assuming that everyone's online of course.

The RD has made a big step backwards for the environment. They should invest in making safe recycling easier and more fuel-efficient for us on island, not making things so hysterically complicated and far-fetched, so that there's now more incentive to just reach for the shovel or the match.