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General News · 6th December 2008
Robert Carter
The size and sheer number of these projects are threatening to impact a large area of what once was inaccessable wilderness.

Size of Plutonic proposal raises alarms

Bute Inlet project 100 times larger than typical private venture

From an article in the Vancouver Sun
published: Saturday, December 06, 2008
by Larry Pynn:

"Plutonic Power Corporation is scaling new heights for independent power projects - and the environmental concerns that accompany them -with a proposal to BC Hydro for a 1,027-megawatt hydro power project at the head of Bute Inlet on B.C.'s central coast.

The proposal is 100 times larger than the current average run-of-river hydro project and involves a record 17 stream diversions, 445 kilometres of transmission lines, 314 km of roads, 142 bridges, 16 power houses, and a substation."

Read the full article here:
try and try
Comment by Shane on 10th December 2008
I think what we need is an alternative way of using energy, not creating it.
Ah yes...
Comment by James Delorme on 10th December 2008
I do know whats best...thanks for recognizing that.
For James
Comment by Robert Carter on 9th December 2008
I'm sorry James but can't we make a comment on all this development without being branded as "anti-native ?" Did I "tell the native what to do ?" Am I allowed an opinion or is the native always right ? Sorry you find this article unsettling but there is an issue here and concerns raised about the expansion of hydro developments by Plutonic and others. The trend is that rather than conserving power B.C. is on pace for even more hydro needs due to rampant development. We will never fulfill all these power needs by developing every single stream that flows into the Pacific. Meanwhile more roads, hydro lines and new "villages" like up the Toba will compromise the wilderness of vast areas of the coastline. I'm concerned but know best...
Comment by James Delorme on 8th December 2008
Holy water wheel batman.
You just can't try and try to come up with some alternative method of creating energy for the masses of humans who consume more and more each day...and still you get shot down. How about getting back to the issue of letting First Nations decide ther own destiny...maybe we should all be talking to the local "natives" and see what they think or are we on the same old tell the kind native what to do.