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General News · 25th November 2008
Stan J. Oliver
Yes.... that s right, one month to the day. I'm guessing that most people, not unlike me, are never ready for what seems to be a chaotic time. With that said, it is also a great time to reflect, give thanks for what one has rather than have not.

In a place, not long ago nor far away, there was a lady name Stella. She was a humble soul and helped who she could from a place where money has no value. No one really knew where her roots started, but yet, no one really cared or questioned it.

She is Stella!

Everyone liked this amazing soul named Stella, she belonged to this no value place for many years , maybe she owned it. But no one knew. Again, no one questioned, there wasn't a need to and thats how Stella liked it. Stell, as we call her, occasionally would ventured out of the humble abode she called home, people watched in amazement as the locals flocked to her with gratitude and appreciation.

She is Stell!

Remember, there is a Stell/Stella in every place. Please remember to remember them too, at what seems to most, a chaotic time.

Warmest Wishes

stay tuned....

Dear Stan
Comment by sunnie Lindell on 10th December 2008
You will be greatly missed....what a perfect story for this time. Thank you Stan....