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General News · 15th November 2008
Richard Trueman
If you are a Canadian and Island Resident, you are probably on the Voter's List, there at the Cortes School Gymnasium. Remember to take 2 pieces of ID, they should contain a residential address, a signature, and possibly a picture. Below is a short version of the requirements for those not on the Voter's List...

If you are not on the electors voters' list, you may register at the time of voting by completing the required application form available at the voting place. To Register you must meet the following qualifications:

• 18 years of age or older;

• Canadian citizen;

• Resident of BC for at least 6 months;

• resident of registered property owner in the area for at least 30 days prior to voting day;

• not otherwise disqualified by law from voting.

Non-resident property electors must produce the following documentation: proof of ownership (valid state of title certificate or current title search). two pieces of ID (one of which contains your signature), written consent of a majority of the property owners if there is more than one owner (forms available through the regional district office).
At the Helm
Comment by Stan J. Oliver on 14th November 2008
As I strolled through the "HBI" parking lot on my way to back home on the 1:05 ferry this afternoon, I pondered if "MY" vote would count? Then a few familiar face's I happened to spot. Regional Director, Jenny Heibert, and Alt. Regional Director, J. Sprungman. The normal, "hows' it goin", greetings were exchanged and we all carried on with our travels.

Again, on the ride I wondered if my vote and yours would count? It has to! Isn't that what this country was fonded & constructed on! Yes, democracy at its finest. Keeping in mind that "it" is not inviolable.

We are faced with another test as in the past election. Who will stir this piece of
pie -adise. It is the hope of many, that "YOU and I" make the vote count.

Choose who you may want to stand, at the "HELM" of Cortes Island for the next three years, of what seems to be redundant government policy, with little or no means to an end. That is in my opinion of course! However, GO VOTE & MAKE IT COUNT, it's a privilege and an honor to be a part of the process.
With Respect to all,

Stan J. Oliver