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General News · 3rd November 2008
I apologise for the short notice regarding the list of things no longer accepted at the recycling centre. The notice published had no resemblance to what I suggested would be appropriate for this community. You need information and solutions not a list and a big no.

Our facility does not have the licence to handle these materials under the eco stewardship bc regulations. This is the reason for the changes. There are places for these things to go in Campbell River and I have made arrangements with Encorp for a mail out and that should be in your boxes next week. The items not taken by Encorp must by law be received by any company that sells the original item. Example: automotive fluids, take them to any gas station or store where you can buy it. They have to take it back itís the law. The same thing goes for batteries, tires, propane tanks.

It has been suggested that we help each other, be a good neighbour and take something to town for your friend if you are going anyway. Kind of like car-pooling but with an old tv or some used oil. We can make this change people, our island will be cleaner and greener than ever without the oil mess and the scary keep out shed at the centre.I have some fears that stuff will end up in the woods/chuck/ditch/dumpster. Please donít. Take it to town where it will be disposed of safely please and thank you.

Check out for information, the recycling council of bc at 1 800 667 4321.

Call me 6768 Iíll try to help however I can.
Dangerous Cargo?
Comment by Stan J. Oliver on 3rd November 2008
Will the items not being accepted at the Recycling Centre be considered "DC" by BC Ferries and should they be transported on the DC run?