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General News · 15th November 2008
Myrna Kerr
Cortes was settled by people who were builders of community. They lived their lives on their own terms while working and volunteering to make Cortes a better place for everyone. They generously assisted new comers towards economic security and social integration with the expectation that each new community member would also take their place as a community builder. Community management was an informal process of discussion, consultation and hard work on the part of everyone.

While progress and time changed to the formal management of a Regional District Board with a Regional Director, community building must still be owned by the community. The purpose of the Regional District and the Director is to provide good government for their community, provide stewardship of the publics assets of the community and to foster the current and future economic, social and environmental well being. As Regional Director, l have all of the necessary qualifications to meet this mandate.

I bring more than four years of experiences as Alternate Regional Director (from 2001 to 2005) and extensive business knowledge with a solid performance record from my work and education. As a Cortes Island land owner for 17 years and permanent resident for nine years I have been an active community volunteer for all of my time on the island.

Issues Facing Cortes Island

1.) With the current financial crisis being compared to the “Panic of 1873” Cortes islanders are fortunate that we are well on our way to self sufficiency in food. The October/November Howling Wolf was filled with information and initiatives of a new way of living. If the current market crash impacts as seriously as is forecast, we must promote economic stability while protecting the environment and prepare for sustainability of our own and future generations.

2.) Forested areas must be protected and Crown Land forest moved under the protection and management of the island. Initiatives to control private land from logging supported.

3.) A Cortes bylaw to allow electric cars on the island can be the first step towards power independence and contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

4.) Affordable housing has “been on the table” for many years. Affordable housing models exist in other jurisdictions and proposals have been offered on the island. It is time to move into action on this.

5.) The Official Community Plan must be reviewed, revised where needed, and passed into bylaw so that Cortes has a program for future evolution. All franchised residents must be included in this review process.

6.) Watershed retention, saving rain water, and grey water capture must be part of our long range planning.

My Pledge as Cortes Island Regional Director
I am committed to a community that has a vibrant economy in a safe and healthy environment, a community where the importance of each individual is valued and their independent life style and work is respected by the local elected government and the supporting bureaucracy.
I will work to ensure that all public and government processes ensure balanced decision making. I will maintain an unbiased position. I will actively represent the interests of individuals and groups within the vision of a renewed Community Plan.

I will provide regular and complete updates on issues before the Strathcona Regional Board and its Committees and will keep you informed on all matters I will be addressing on your behalf so that there an opportunity for community input abd advic.. I will ensure that all issues that will impact on Cortes Island are immediately communicated to you.

To communicate - Phone 250 935 0112

Personal I was born and raised in a small Alberta town beside a lake where the population fluctuated from 500 in the winter to over 2000 in the summer (similar to Cortes) and where much of the stability of the community relied on summer resident and tourists.

I moved to a northern BC community in 1964 and to Victoria in 1999. I have a blended family of six children and 10 grandchildren.
I have been a widow since 2006.

As a mother and grandmother, I worry about the future of Canada and the world and how the impact of what we have done, and will do, will affect future generations.

Employment History Retired from paid employment in 2005, I currently operate a small B&B. Manson's Hall Manager, 2003-05; Health Program Manager, Kwakiutl District Council, 2000; Executive Director, Fernwood Home Support, 1991-99; Prenatal Outreach Counselor for Esquimalt Neighbourhood House, 1989 -91; A/Regional Director, Continuing Care Division, BC Ministry of Health, 1986-88; Provincial Home Support Coordinator, BC Ministry of Health, 1977-86.

Education Creative Leadership In Health Program, Royal Roads, 1998; Bachelor of Arts, Psych, 1990 U. of Victoria; Prerequisites for Masters in Counseling,1990-91.

Volunteer Whaletown National Enquirer, 1999-2002; Manson's Landing Cemetery Committee, 2001 to present; Cortes Island Firefighting Association Board of Directors, Treasurer, 2001-02; Cortes Community Health Association Board 2000-05 (Treasurer 2003-04); Southern Cortes Community Association Board Secretary, 2006-08, President May 08 to present; Cortes Island Rod and Gun Club, Sec/Tres, May 08 to present; Ferry Advisory Committee, June 08 to present.

Manson's Hall Thrift Store, 2005 to present,

Prior Relevant Volunteer Activity: Victoria Hospice, Victoria Crisis Line and Victoria Community Kitchens Board.