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General News · 20th October 2008
ian king
i have recently learned that silent bawb's laptop was damaged while left unattended at the hall, the lid had been slammed down, totaling the screen. it is not certain that who ever did this was intending to do this much damage. others have had complaint of losing connection while certain people show up. now before i get too far i must say that there is two sides to this story. for starters people like loyd,dino to name a few, have spent alot of time,unpaid to make public internet a reality. downloading has jammed the system several times, then someone has to come out and fix it, unpaid. maybe some thinks that free internet is a right, but it takes time and money to put it all together. so please understand that we need to work together before this get out of hand and people get burnt out helping for free. now back to bawb, yes he was more than likely downloading, an should not have left his laptop unattended,but he cannot afford to fix his computer,and this is concerning that someone has gone this far. if someone is willing to help or talk to me or bawb(if you know how to talk to bawb) so we could get his computer fixed that would be great. please everyone lets communicate to each other before this goes to far,i am sure that there is a way we could work together in a positive way.
if you need to ASK!
Comment by Stan J. Oliver on 22nd October 2008
Ian, thanks for bringing this to the attention of those that, may or may not be, attentive to such. In reality, GOOD & bad exist, somehow!. On Cortes we have a false sense of security & that somehow the rules & regs do not apply to most. For sure, that overwhelms me.

I have felt "SAFER" in Mexico..... ,,, times