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General News · 2nd October 2008
Barry Saxifrage
Your comment on an important change to our forest zoning is needed before 4pm today, Friday Oct 3rd. Please take a few moments to read about this and make your views known.

The proposed by-law closes a loophole in forest zoning. Currently, where a road divides a parcel, the two sides of the road can become separate parcels with no public hearing. This happened at the Seaford Y. Several parcels owned by Island Timberlands are divided by a road. The proposed by-law will make the severance provision inapplicable to to forestry zoned lands. It thus ensures that subdivision of forest zoned lands will come to public hearing whether or not the subject parcel is divided by a road.

The public hearing on the by-law amendment is important for people who want to prevent subdivision of forest zoned parcels without public hearing. Our proactive engagement in this forest zoning issue will strengthen the F-1 and F-2 zones. These forest zones are our best protection against "log and flog" schemes.

Submit your email comment by 4:30 Friday October 3 or attend the hearing at 10:30 am at Mansons Hall this Saturday, October 4. You can submit a written comment any time before the end of the meeting.

Emails should be sent to to the attention of Kent Leontowich. Subject line should refer to Bylaw #14. Text should state you support (or oppose) amendment to Bylaw #2455, Cortes Island Zoning Bylaw, 2002, to exclude all forestry zoned lands (F1, F2, FLS1) from the severance provision as outlined in Section 502 -2 a ii "Lot Size Exceptions."