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General News · 15th September 2008
norberto rodriguez dela vega
Let me share an interesting and important website that will help us in making a decision of which party should we vote at the upcoming Canadian election.

The website is

Basically, Vote for Climate asks people to vote strategically in support of action on global warming. Canada needs to confront the climate crisis head on, starting now. If global warming and climate change is a key voting issue for you, then we need to strongly consider this appeal to vote strategically.

On this issue, we may think that voting for the Green party is the best option. However, voting for the Green party may split the climate vote in close ridings and may help to elect a Conservative government which has shown little interest in confronting the climate crisis.

We do know that Harper is indifferent towards protecting the climate. He is an economist, his main focus is the economy. Period.

Back to the website. If you click on Key Ridings at the top of the main page, you will find the Vancouver Island North riding is on the list. This is our riding.

If we want to vote strategically, we need to vote for NDP’s Catherine Bell. Otherwise, the Conservative candidate could win.

To read another article on the same subject, go here:

Of course, if you do like Harper’s visions for Canada, then go for it, just don’t cry tomorrow…

Think twice, vote wise !