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General News · 5th September 2008
Richard Lawton
I have numerous barn cats here, and around 4 weeks ago, in the middle of a peaceful afternoon, cats suddenly panicked and fled in all directions. What appeared to be a large German Shepherd dog with a thin nose came bounding towards me, obviously focused on the notion "I's gonna get me a cat", and threw on the brakes about 30 feet away. It just looked straight at me with a silly look on its face that seemed to say "Ooops, now what do I do?"

For several seconds it just stood there. From its behaviour and appearance it could have been someone's dog; dominantly German Shepherd but there were also patches of thick grey fur that looked like Husky. If it was a wolf I needed to at least demonstrate that this boldness was not appreciated... but if I put a hole in it, maybe its owner would come around the corner and not be impressed...

Then it turned and gave the game away. There was the long bushy tail and unmistakeable skinny rear end of a wolf. He (I think) left cautiously, not wanting retreat to look like defeat, but obviously relieved to be leaving.

That's the last I've seen of him. There have been a couple of other wolves around, but much smaller ones.

That one seems to be a loner. He caught and killed several cats, and he's probably the one who came in really close to snatch them, which is unusual. Normally they respect the clearing and the only time I've seen them come all the way in was when there was fresh snow that covered up the scent. That encounter appeared to break his habit and I don't think he's been back since.

I'm fairly sure from the size, colour and appearance (particularly the grey patch on the side of his neck) that it is the same wolf in Iris Steigemann's picture in the Picture Gallery