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General News · 14th July 2008
Uno Hu
Were you here when the Olmstead Road subdivision was being built? Local gossip made it sound like the world was coming to an end... there was going to be noise, traffic, people and pollution everywhere... it was going to be like downtown! ... people even spoke of leaving before it was too late.

None of it happened. That clearcut is now a young forest again, and the people who live there are our friends and respected members of the community... in fact the only noticeable change was tourists rushing around all summer who had nothing to do with Olmstead Road!

We humans tend to exaggerate our fears.
On Cortes we do it a lot, don't we?
Emotion and idealism, with not enough deduction and fact.

The hectic sale of real estate at ever increasing prices may be slowing. If we stop telling the world how wonderful Cortes is, maybe, just maybe, it might stay that way.

If we stop telling the world how wonderful Cortes is.

I am going to subdivide the land behind Manson's Hall (50 acres from the Fire Hall to Cemetery Road). Nothing bad is going to happen. I intend to do it in small chunks. Hopefully there are some innovative ways left to benefit local people, we'll see.

This could be our last opportunity to allocate community resources in Manson's "downtown", so I am asking community organisations to put their heads together and figure out our present and future needs (and then resist the temptation to use it up!). I'll try to accommodate anything reasonable.

A few specific issues:

* Manson's Hall is getting old and too small, and we need oodles more parking.

* More land for the Seniors' project?

* Trail access to Health Centre and Seniors' Cottages (wouldn't it be spiffy if the Fire Hall fence came down?)

* The corner of my property is a few feet from the cemetery gate.

* A narrow park with trail the length of the property along the east boundary, connecting downtown to Siskin trails.

There may be more. Please give it some thought. If you have any brainwaves, please tell someone with a fancy title at Manson's Hall, Credit Union, Fire Department, Health Centre, Museum, Seniors or School. Or let me know (I don't have a fancy title though) at (or try 203-8510, but it's a cell phone with a poor signal that pleases itself when it works)

Did I mention we should stop telling the world how wonderful Cortes is?

Uno Hu