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General News · 27th June 2008
June 27, 2008

Dear Ms. Leine and Mr. Sihota,

As I mentioned in my email earlier this week, the citizens of Cortes Island are deeply concerned about Island Timberlands' plans to log the northern part of our island home. With only 3 days notice and little publicizing,a broad gathering of island residents attended the meeting to pool information and ideas on what is viewed as an impending tragedy in the wilds closest to home. Three key messages to Island Timberlands (IT) are one result of the meeting. We thank IT for its interest in community input and would like you to consider the following-

1) We ask that Island Timberlands refrain from building roads prior to full and open disclosure of planning, and your publicly-stated commitment to community dialogue. We consider the clearing and building of roads to be logging and an indication of a commitment to log further.

2) We are currently putting volunteer time and energy into researching an alternate future for these lands. This revised future is in line with our vision for the lands, could present attractive financial alternatives to IT and potentially be more beneficial to IT than road-building and logging. We ask for time to pursue these possibilities which involve carbon sink/storage and/or conservation purchases.

3) We remind you of our history as a community willing to stand up for the trees, animals, plants and waters we steward for future generations. With the glaring devastation of recently logged Bartholomew / Sutil Point Rd., the people of this island are of heightened sensitivity and ardent to prevent that which cannot be undone. Resistance will be the result of moving too quickly and in a direction which does not honour the values of Cortes Islanders.

We thank you for considering our input and hope you are able to attend the meeting scheduled for 7:30pm July 3rd at Manson's Hall.


Concerned Citizens of Cortes Island
Meeting Where?
Comment by Stan Oliver on 28th June 2008
This meeting was held at Hollyhock, why was it held there? This is not seen as a neutral place to hold a Community meeting. We have a Community Hall where all meetings that concern the community are held... another hidden agenda?