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General News · 23rd June 2008
As many of you, I just got my Climate Action Dividend $100 cheque today!

This is from the carbon tax that will add 2.4 cents per litre of gas, starting July 1. This tax will also increase the cost of heating oil and natural gas. The idea behind this tax, that I am afraid the government has failed to make us understand, is to encourage us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

By giving back this $100 the BC Government callsthis carbon tax “revenue-neural.”

Guy Dauncey says:
“If you do nothing to reduce your emissions, you'll be out of pocket by $1 every time you fill up with 40 litres of gas or heating oil. One hundred fill-ups, and you'll be $100 out of pocket.
“If you change your behaviour, however, by walking, cycling, using the bus or making your home more efficient, or if you don't drive at all, the $100 becomes a reward for producing fewer emissions. That's the way it's meant to be.”

Then, the best way to use of this $100 is to spend it on something that will actually help in reducing our carbon emissions.

Let me pass you a wild idea I have of investing this money locally, and reduce our carbon emisions.

If we were living in a city, we could buy a month’s bus pass. But here in Cortes we don’t have such a luxury.

Then, what if we create a Community Carbon Fund at the Credit Union, where any member in the community could deposit our $100 cheque, or a portion of it, and start saving for a small hybrid passenger van ?

This way, the moment we get such a service, we will really been reducing lots of carbon emissions, since many of us can stop driving our cars!

Actually, this Carbon Fund could also grow a lot if we use it as a local carbon offsets program. This way, if you still want to fly, and want to clear your conscience by buying carbon offsets, instead of buying them in a company that your Travel agent recommends, and you never know what happens with that money, nor where it goes, you buy these offsets by making direct deposits into this account. This fund may grow really fast.

For many ideas of how to invest wisely this $100 cheque, so to help us reducing our carbon emissions, visit Guy Dauncey’s recommendations here :

Another suggestion for your $100 cheque
Comment by George West on 24th June 2008
Check out the website for a joint initiative of The Land Conservancy of BC and This Community Cares Foundation. It is designed to contribute to building sustainable communities, both ecologically and socially.