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General News · 3rd October 2018
Please see the pdf attachment for all the information, dates, locations etc. for the upcoming elections.

The mail ballot application can be found here:

Mail ballot voting is a process whereby qualified electors who would otherwise be unable to vote due to a physical disability, remoteness from a voting location, or absence from the Regional District during an election are permitted to cast a ballot without attending in person at a polling station. Mail Ballot Application. For more information please contact Edith Watson.

The 2018 Local General Elections section can be found here:

General Elections BC info can be found here:

Voting Eligibility
2018 Local Government Election Information
On October 20, 2018 all British Columbians will be heading to the polls to vote for municipal, regional and school district candidates.

A person may be entitled to be registered as an elector and vote in local elections and other voting opportunities if they:

• are a Canadian citizen;
• will be at least 18 years of age at the time of voting;
• have resided in BC for 6 consecutive months immediately prior to seeking registration as an elector;
• have either resided or owned property in the voting jurisdiction for 30 days prior to registration;
• are not under sentence for an indictable offense or currently in custody or in prison;
• have not been found guilty of an election offense;
• have not been disqualified under the Local Government Act or any law in force in BC.

Check here if you want to check if you are registered:

Non-resident Property Electors
A person who owns real property in a voting jurisdiction but doesn’t reside there, may be eligible to register as a non-resident property elector and vote on the issues in that area.

If a property has more than one registered owner a majority of the owners must decide who will vote for that property.

Non-Resident Property Elector Instructions
Non-Resident Property Elector
Property which is registered in a corporate name cannot qualify for elector registration or voting.

If you have any more questions, please contact:

Edith Watson, CMC

Senior Executive Assistant
Deputy Corporate Officer
301-990 Cedar Street, Campbell River, BC V9W 7Z8

Comment by De Clarke on 4th October 2018
Many thanks Ester for putting together this comprehensive information packet for voters.