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General News · 22nd September 2018
Noba Anderson
10 Years Experience
Informed, engaged, empowered democracy!

Vote October 20th

Raised here. Rooted here. Staying here. While embracing a changing world.

- Stable housing for long-term residents
- Zoning Bylaw that reflects our values
- First Nations rights and reconciliation
- Local economic actions that serve us
- Support for legal marijuana production
- Elder care services on Cortes
- Local transportation solutions

Solutions to global issues are best addressed by local government and community activism.

Cortes' representative to local government at the Strathcona Regional District
Authorized by Kate Maddigan, Financial Agent
Mail in ballots
Comment by Jasmine on 5th October 2018
Hi nova, can you please steeer me in the right direction for mail in ballots as I won’t be on island on voting days? Thank you and all the best.
Kudos to Noba!
Comment by Lovena on 24th September 2018
Thank you Noba for your willingness to stand again as Regional Director. This position comes with it's fair (and unfair) share of bashing. What I appreciate the most about Noba is her willingness to work! She doesn't just go with the status quo model of minimal contribution is best. She actively listens to the population, assesses what is available as community resources, partners with passionate change makers and betters our island through her hard work and attention. At this time in the history of our planet, we need women leaders. We also need leaders who are mothers, who care deeply for the next generation and who are willing to put in the challenging work to make change, to leave this world in a better state than it is now. I see that Noba embodies this fully and her leadership style is the kind that will make positive change on our island. Noba has my vote on election day!
Thank you Noba
Comment by Ashley on 23rd September 2018
Thank you Noba for all of your hard work and dedication to this community. You are a source of inspiration to many of us and we value all the work you do making Cortes a better place for all of our community members.

I look forward to casting my vote for you this upcoming election!