Cortes Island Skateboard Park Opening Ceremonies October, 12, 2002
Pictures by Irene Blueth • Her skateboarders video clip can be seen here!
Appreciation and thanks go to all the people who have made this ‘state of the art’ skatepark happen

Paul hemingway for generous use of his equipment, time and skills throughout the project; Robbie Graham and Ann Dewar for their generous donation of time and equipment to create this site; The SCCA and Comox Strathcona Regional District; Jim Barnum from Spectrum Design; Cornerstone Concrete; Vancouver Foundation; Quadra Credit Union; Joy Shipway; George Sirk; Serge Laberge; Mike Manson; Julian Ayers; Andy Ellingson; Kathy Cambridge; Jimmy Hansen; Bert Hansen; John Vosper; Jason Saunders; Floyd Anderson; Jake Maseri; David Shipway; Kelly and Martin Hemingway; Bhaskar Krag; Nova; Mark Appleyard;

All the many workbee voulunteers; all the folks who brought goodies, squares, and made donations
The full-time crew; Bert Lauller, Dave Price, Fraser Gray

And last but not least; Kudos to Romney Shipway for his vision and several years of perseverance!